How can we change? Why is the amount of sexual assault cases increasing?

This time the location in New Jersey. Joseph J. Catrambone, 29, has just been accused of sexually assaulting two girl under the age of 13. Taking place in Monroe township, scares me a little as this story hits home. I myself am a native of this town.JJ

Recently Catrambone was fired from Atlantic Coast Gymnastics and later the truth about what he was doing to the girls have come out. The incident happened in over two different occasions, for a fact two of these incidents happened in October of 2016 and just last month.

He just sexually assaulted a girl on March 23th which happened right before his arrest on April 24th. Being held without bail, Catrambone will have to wait until his hearing.

In this semester of blogging I’ve covered multiple cases of sexual assault that happens in gymnastics. And I that amount of times we hear stories of assaults or molestations or anything in that area it is actually appalling.

We’ve touched on the Dr. Nassar case, as well as the Penn State scandal and the age range for these incidents are ridiculous. The fact that gymnast already have to walk around in leotards to compete and practice is already enough to make them uncomfortable. But, the fact that coaches, doctors, people that are suppose to only aid them into becoming the best athlete they can be are the ones that are taking advantage of these young athletes are ridiculous.

images.pngAs gymnastics is suppose to be building the self-esteem of our young women the faculty is just tearing them down. It is already enough that even the highest, most dominant gymnast get body shamed by the world but yet they have to worry about if the people that they think are suppose to be helping them are actually trying to better them or not.

Something needs to happen, soon. Parents will now become more paranoid when sending their children to practice because they do not know what actually happens once they walk out after dropping their kids off.


The NFL draft is coming up in a few days but did you see my draft pick yet?

USA gymnastics will change once again for the next olympics. The new rule is that there will only be 4 elite gymnast competing at the Olympic games instead of the usual 5.

Now we all know the infamous final five: Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Madison Kocian, Laurie Hernandez and Gabby Douglas. But now with only having four athletes advance the competition becomes even more tough than it was before.

Now that we’ve heard that Aly Raisman will return to try for her third Olympic games along side of Simone Biles and Laurie Hernandez as they try for their second that would leave one open spot that the elite world will fight for.

But, as you gymrats may know a few new gymnasts have risen up into the limelight as the veterans take their break from the gymnastics world for a second or continued their career in college. Thomas

  1. Trinity Thomas: She reminds me of a young Simone Biles, very strong, very competitive and an amazing tumbler.  One thing she advances on that Biles does not is bars. Thomas has no weak event, and when I mean none, that is truly a fact. She was one of the gymnast that stood out in Jesolo this year.

RM    2. Riley McCusker: This girl is from the same gym as Laurie Hernandez, she represented the U.S at the AT&T American Cup, as well as Jesolo. New to the elite world McCusker is stepping up greatly.




3.Morgan Hurd: This young native of Delaware has always had talent. And now she shows it in every meet. Another competitor in Jesolo this girl can flip, stick, jump and turn.

These three gymnast have a great shot in making it on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Team. And, you never know they all may be able to get there, no spot is guaranteed. We can only wait and see.

Scandalous Simone steps out on Dancing with the Stars!

Simone Biles is the second gymnast this year to compete in the infamous show DWTS, as she dances for a title on the 24th season. After her good friend, Laurie Hernandez won season 23 she brings Biles a familiar gift for good luck, the sparkly shoes!

Simone Biles, and partner Sasha F_____, had the highest scoring performance in just the first week. Being a little nervous Biles said this was more nerve recking than actually competing in gymnastics.

Not only is this Biles’ first time on Dancing with the Stars but it is also her first time dancing with a “boy”.

After the first performance the Simone was pushed out of her comfort zone to show a side that America has not seen. The 20 year old Olympic gymnast had a hard time showing what you’d call a “sexy” side that she has never brought out. But with practice Simone not only performs the dance but does one hell of a routine!

Being a public figure to millions of young girls puts young women in a hard place when it comes to doing thing like this. But getting out of you comfort zone is not always bad for you to do. Now, this performance did not score as high as the first this did not stop Simone from getting back to practicing for the next week ahead.

Bile and Sasha returned to the practice floor and begun practicing for their next performance that took place this Monday and you can say that even with the uncomfortable dance last week Simone is back on top! (Look Below)`

Every person has their fears, and for this Olympic gymnast is was performing on the show and also dancing with someone of the opposite sex. As of now, she is doing great in each performance and is looking like she is having fun as well.

USA Gymnastics President resigning

CEO and president of USA gymnastics Steve Penny resigns due to the sex assault sandals that has happened. Penny has been the president since 2005.

Leven, President and Chief Operating Officer of Las Vegas Sands, poses for a portrait during the 2010 Reuters Travel and Leisure Summit in New York
Steve Penny, Photo by: sports travel magazine

He’s held responsibility for the sexual abuse cases that has been going on in the USA gymnastics organization according to courts documents. Penny, as well as the organization has waited 5 weeks to report the events about Dr. Nassar to the authorities.

(Read my article about Nassar here)

Because of the past incidents coming to light, democratic and republican senators have come together to make a bill to protect Olympic athletes from sexual and emotional abuse. Although it has not been made final, many citizens are in support of the passing.

The bill will make it mandatory to report a physical or emotional abuse on Olympic athletes.

USA gymnastics is in a federal lawsuit accusing Dr. Nassar of sexually assaulting 18 women repeatedly during their physical examinations.

USOC chairman speaks about Penny saying that the decision for him to step down will “will hopefully allow USA Gymnastics to shift its attention to the future with a secure environment for its athletes and continued success in competition.”

And hopefully the USA Gymnastics organization can begin to move forward. Check back next week for news on this topic.

Hard to find the best makeup for meets? You’re welcome!

Not so much club gymnastics, but in college majority of the gymnasts have on tons of glitter and usually lipstick. But finding the right product sometimes is really hard.

Loose powdered glitter as well as any glittered makeup is hard to come by when talking about quality. And once you do find one that is great it is usually extremely expensive.

maxresdefaultThe best way to find the materials that you are looking for would be to check on

This website is an internet based retailer, meaning if you search something i the search box amazon probably will have it.

Meet day makeup takes time, you need your: primers, concealers, blushes, highlights, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, eyebrow pencil, eyelash curler and more.

When applying glitter you must first need a glitter primer so that your glitter stays on. Elf cosmetics has become very popular in the last two years for their good quality makeup at “cheap” prices. Elf glitter primer work very well, at a low price of $2.00.

The most expensive purchase would be your glitter, costing only $8.45.

Now eyeliner is tricky, felt tips ($3.00) work best to make a sharp wing, but the best thing possible to use would be a gel eyeliner ($3.00). And eye brows (optional) a great cream to use would be the espresso color ($3.00).

Any lipstick at elf will cost only $3.00, which comes in multiple colors for you to choose. All together your payment will be $22.45, and that for the six things that you will need. Very low priced, while also giving you the same look as the more expensive brands.

Madison Kocian, Simone Biles, and Ally Raisman at the beach. Photo by: People Magazine 

Although gymnastics is one the most elite sports in the world and each athlete has to be extremely strong you have to keep in mind that they are female.

In addition to the muscles that these athletes attain they still want to be viewed as feminine. They are females and they do think as many females do,  the amount of muscle they have does not change their thought process.



It’s finally March Madness and regionals is around the corner

Six teams will host regionals for NCAA this year: the University of Washington, the University of Arkansas,University of Illinois, the University of Nebraska, West Virginia University, and the University of Florida.

Now this is very simple in gymnastics. In each regionals there are six teams that will rotate in Olympic order with two “byes”. A bye is when a team will not compete for a rotation, therefore two teams will wait to compete depending on the event they start on.
Here is the complicated part: Individuals also can make it to regionals if their team does not, they will rotate with a different team and compete on the event they made regionals for. The top two teams from each regionals will go on to the 2017 national gymnastics championships in Indianapolis.

But, if an individual places in the top 3 they will automatically get a bid into nationals.This will only happen if the first and second place individual is on the team of the two teams going to nationals.

(I know so many confusing rules.)

From each bracket two teams will move on (as I said earlier) and that will give us our super 6!

Do you think Nichols should be in NCAA gymnastics?

Maggie Nichols, a freshman at Oklahoma University has received a 10.0 on every single event. Yup, everyone… She’s only a freshman, but everyone also knows her as the olympic alternate to the final five.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 7.21.06 PMLike is this actually fair? I do not think so.

NCAA Gymnastics is for the gymnastics that are amazing, but not great enough for the olympics, or for those to showcase their talents while representing a university.

Now, nobody has said anything about this but everyone is thinking it. She’s taking medals easily and setting records but can other people shine. Preferably ones who have not been to the Olympic games.

This was right before she received her last 10.0 on the one event that she hadn’t yet. She competes with ease, and as some people look at this with admiration many look with confusion.

Why come to college to water down your routines and beat every single person that walks in the competition? It absolute B.S and it is not fair at all.

Nichols should have declared herself as a professional and tried again for the next Olympics games instead of taking the shine from those athletes that are not physically able to compete at the most elite level of gymnastics.