Happy President’s Day Mark Emmert!

Okay readers, so you’re probably reading this like “Who the hell is Mark Emmert?”. I obviously know that this is not the president of our country, but he is the president of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association).

And since it is President’s Day I am paying a little tribute to Mr. Emmert and let my readers learn who he is. Mark Allen Emmert was born in Fife, Washington onme December 16th, 1952; making him 64.

Before receiving the job as the president he previously was the 30th president of the University of Washington, his alma matter, where he became the 1st alumnus to be the president of UW in 48 years.

Leaving UW in October of 2010 became the President of the NCAA November 1, 2010. He is also a Life Member of the Council of Foreign Relations as well as the National Academy for Public Administrations.

But before all of this Emmert was the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Montana State University (1991-1995). And the Chancellor of Academic Affairs at the University of Connecticut in 1995. Chancellor of Louisiana State University in 1999.

Emmert received a lot of attention in the infamous Jerry Sandusky scandal as he praised Penn State for their successful season.

President Mark Emmert has been married to DeLaine Emmert for 3o years with two children, Jennifer and Stephen.


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